Langley Health Services’ Diagnotic Imaging department is unique. To our knowledge LHS is the only community health center that has the resources and personal that we have. LHS is proud to offer a full line of radiology testing at our Sumter County site. Equipment includes a permanent open Hitachi MRI: the Aries 2 which is the largest, best selling open machine on the market; a permanent 16 slice Phillips CT scanner which provides for the latest, most up to date testing. Both of these instruments are certified by the appropriate national accrediting body, a requirement for most major insurance companies to cover services.

The Diagnostic Imaging departments at both Sumterville and Ocala provide fully accredited mammography services. LHS offers both routine (screening) and diagnostic (specific problem) mammograms. These test our performed by certified technologists and are interpreted on site by a board certified radiologist. LHS’s Diagnostic Imaging department is also capable of performing most ultrasound studies ranging from vascular studies that determine blood flow to general studies of organs or regions of the body. LHS also offers full general x-rays.

All technologists are certified radiologic technologists (RT) with advanced certification in their area of specialty. LHS is incredibly fortunate to have a Radiologist on staff. Radiologists are medical specialists, just like a surgeon or a cardiologist, so having one on our staff is unique.

The Diagnostic Imaging department shares LHS’s goal to bring services to patients instead of making them travel out of their community. We understand the issues that make obtaining necessary specialty services difficult and have therefore worked to develop a center that offers all of the services that our patients need with the level of professionalism and care that they deserve.

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